another picture from Banff.


Took this in Jasper a couple of months ago, amazing what you can do with a iPhone these days. #iphone #jasper

1 Year On

So this is Jenn and I on a 5km run this evening, sadly I lost the details of the run on my watch as I forgot to save it. This time last year I thought I had a bad chest cold that was causing me to be breathless going up the stairs at work and…


While in Banff did some hiking and came across this view, what was amazing was now quick it go dark after this pictures was taken.

Warm Run

#beatyesterday #garmin May look cold but what actually a pretty warm run. Nice Starbucks Juniper Latte at the end.

Banff – A Little Break from Everyday Life

Well it’s November, that time between school start up and Christmas. Halloween has gone and of course we have snow on the ground, time to take a break. Often this time of year I try to take a break such as an extra long weeked or even a whole week away from the humdrum of…

Winter Arrived

As well as the clock falling back an hour last night, winter arrived. We had a little snow arrive on Friday, but last night the rain that was falling turned to snow. So likely that’s it, all that will be be here until the spring. Yuck.