A Tech Legend

A Tech Legend

I first heard about Paul Allen passing when on the treadmill watching CBC News, I knew who he was, but then I began to think in a few years nobody will remember him.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, seen in 2011, has died at 65, his family says. (Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)

The name Bill Gates is synonymous with Microsoft, but without Paul Allen would Microsoft exist? But that’s for another blog at another time.

So everyone knows “Bill” as he has been the face of Microsoft for many years and even though is no longer in charge he will be remembered for a few more years but he will to fade. Yet without these two guys coming together and forming Micro-Soft much of what we do on a day to day basis may not have come to fruition so soon.

So rest in peace Paul, know what you helped create will love for ever in some shape or form.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, dead at 65 | CBC News

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