Getting There

It has been 14 weeks today since I had my bypass surgery, on one hand it seems such a long time a go, but on the other some of it feels like yesterday, just looked at my watch and they where probably about to cut me open at about now, well as I type this. It has been a long process and no amount of reading could prepare me for the mental part of the procedure, in one word it has been brutal and if it was not for Jenn, along with family, friends and co-workers, I have no idea how I would have go to where I am. Having said that after a few weeks of thinking I was over the hump and truly getting there, I crashed, the mask fell off and I could feel myself going down hill fast mentally, my stomach went crazy, the little sleep I was getting tanked, my focus at work became that of a fly.

I was able to get in and see Brad, my Doctor, right away he was amazing and gave me something to help with my stomach, something to help me sleep, of which I have not taken any, and also said to take a couple of weeks off.

Carol, my sister, had said I had gone back to soon and I had to agree with her, so went into work right away and gave them my note.

In the middle of the first week Jenn and I talked about her trip to Victoria that was coming up and the idea that I come out with her came up, we had enough WestJet dollars, so we agreed it would be good for me to get away to somewhere I really enjoy being.

So it is now Wednesday, we arrived Monday, and I feel good, it has relaxed my mind I don’t spend half the time pondering what could have happened, I still get flashbacks to going into the operating room, but they pass by quickly and without the intensity they had.

I was actually a little worried how I would feel here as the last time I was getting chest pain and even made a doctor’s appointment while here. Just walking up from the inner harbour to the Irish Times would have been doubled over in pain, I am really lucky that I did not die while I was here as my blockages where really that bad.

So now, I am able to walk up Government with a rapid pace, complete with backpack loaded with laptop, Kobo and iPad, ok now iPad this time, but I do have a book in there as well as a book, which I was supposed to read but have not.

We have also been to the Irish Times, our favourite place for drinks, food and atmosphere.

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