Ward Pt II

**I had written this post a while back but slipped into the “not blogging” state of mind and so I have wrapped this one up for anyone out there who is following.**

Monday 6:15am, door to room opens and light goes on, its Dr Lam doing her rounds, she checked my leg and incision and said things where looking good and if things went well I could be looking at heading home on Wednesday, well out of the hospital, she wanted me to stay in Edmonton overnight which I was totally ok with, just meant I would be out.

I spent the day trying to walk as much as I could, I had tried later on Sunday without the walker with great success, so opted to park the walker and set off once I a while for a walk, well part from being tied to the bed once in a while while I got a bag of magnesium.

Jenn was working today in the hospital, so I wandered around the healing garden for a while and went back for my wonderful beef stew.

Honestly was not as bad as I thought, in fact I found the food was in general ok.

Spent the afternoon resting and walking.

There is one thing that has been a constant in the hospital, lack of sleep, I just could not get a full night, mostly just napped through the night, and I spent a good chunk tossing and turning, listening to music and watching The Handmaids Tale as Jenn had said it was good and a new season was starting, so better catchup.

I downloaded a good number of shows thinking I would have time to watch, turns out not really, despite the sleepless nights it was hard to concentrate.

“Knock knock”

It was around 6:15am and it was Dr Lam nice again.

She is an amazing Dr. with great bedside manner, she did a quick check of my chest and leg and asked how I was feeling, “aside from tired, feeling not bad” she proceeds to tell me that I am doing great and she is going to discharge me today, Tuesday March 6th was now a red letter day. She asked me to stay in Edmonton over night to which I had now issues too.

I texted Jenn, although this was actually. little problematic as Jenn had planned a bunch of meetings and training as the original plan has been for me to leave on Wednesday, anyhow we worked it out and I got excited to being getting home.

They said they wanted to give me one more bag of magnesium, so they hooked me up and I set to finding a hotel for the night, I wanted a suite as I figured I would be up in the night and did not want to disturb Jenn, so we ended up at the Doubletree in West Edmonton.

The next few hours where showering, meeting with the discharge nurse, eating, meeting with the pharmacist and getting my pillow, then around 2:30 this showed up


I was then told I could go!! Do I need to use the wheelchair I asked? Not if you don’t want to, so Jenn and I headed out. I should add that Jenn had done a trip to the car already with the stuff that I had. So very slowly we walked to the car, had to stop once and sit down, but I did make it and got to the car.

Once at the car we made some changes, removed the head rest on the passenger seat as I had to sit in the back and did not like the view, push the passenger seat all the way forward and put down the arm rest in the back.

Getting in the car was much harder than I expected, I was still in pain in my chest and leg, it hurt getting in and out for a while.

So off we went, discharged and moving on to the next part of my recovery, we arrived at the hotel and Jenn then headed out to pick up my meds while I rested and took a shower, my torso was a mess, between the chest incision, drainage tubes and pacing wire holes I looked like I had been attached.


So that was it, after a restless night hardly sleeping I woke up and opening the drapes to a wonderful sunrise.


This was me, given a new start just like a new day and I planned to do my best to eat well, stress less and exercise way more.

Thanks for following along.



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