UP and Down in ICU

It has taken me a while to get back to the blog, I have just not felt the urge to write anything and only now, 10 days after surgery, starting to feel human again.

So I thought I would give you are quick update of what went on after my surgery, Jenn did a great job of what it was like for her during the hours of the surgery, so here we go.

I came out of surgery around 6:30pm on the Wednesday, but do not remember a thing until around 3:00am when I remember waking up in ICU and throwing up, I remember saying to the nurse it was probably drinking to much water to quickly, but I do not remember actually drinking the water.

I felt I was in out of sleep then for a few hours, until I heard the familiar voice of Jenn, she came over and I have never been so happy to see my wife as I did at that moment.

The time in ICU was not a pleasant one at all, I guess it’s not supposed to be or you would not be there, but with 3 drain tubes and a catheter in, plus 2 main lines one in my write and one in my neck, then the tubes from the IV machines beeping and bonging, an oxygen tube, then all the monitoring wires it was impossible to get in any comfortable position. On top of that the businesses of ICU added another reason for me not really sleeping the whole time I can remember being in there, it was loud a noisy all day and night, there was also a very distressed woman in the room next to me who would scream and shout every 2 hours. So not mediation, music or podcast could penetrate that.

Overall the ICU nursing where amazing, truly dedicated to their job of looking after, in this case, me. At the press of a button help was there, like there quick, unlike upstairs, covered by another post, where it ring for a while, that’s what one on one during care gets you. As I mentioned to Jenn, there where times when I was laying in ICU where I was 100% reliant on other people, I would not survive without them, I was just like being a baby again, truly humbling experience.

So it was planned for me to move out of ICU on the Friday and just about the time I was supposed to I went into AFIB, this means my heart was not beating in a regular pattern, this is common after bypass and comes and goes, but mine decided to stay, so I was out in some drugs which was supposed to help but did not so they made the decision to do a Carioversion on my on the Saturday morning, basically they shock you heart back into rhythm, again something they do all the time. Even today it comes and goes at home, although it seems less and less, again just something that is common due to how much you heart was disturbed during the surgery.

Sometime on Friday I had a nurse checking my and suddenly asking for help, seems by blood pressure had dropped a lot, so was given some meds while a nurse also held my legs up high, very undignified.

Saturday morning came in they did the Cardioversion, which for me did not work, and although they said I would be out, I actually remember a good part of the process, which was scary. So they decided they would try again the next day, great I thought, another night in ICU.

Not long after the Carioversion the same doctor came around and removed my drainage tubes, holy, did that hurt. After she pulled them I said, “you did all three at once”, she said yep, if I did them one at a time you would never let me get to number 2!!

As I was laying there waiting for Jenn to come back and noticed someone writing on my door, it was glass, not sure what it was and when Jenn came back she could not figure it out either. Shortly after my nurse came in and let us know that I was getting out and over to the regular ward and they would just bring be back to ICU to do the Carioversion sometime Sunday morning, wow, talk about making one feel good, it was a high, was getting out of ICU things where looking up.

So at around 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon, after a towel bath, I was wheeled up to the ward that I would stay in until by release. yay.


  1. Hope the healing process is coming along well. Rest up…so you can back here and join the rest of the crew!

  2. Well 12 weeks ago I had CABGx4. I am back at work, but not fully 100% and from what I have read it takes a while.

    We are off to the UK and Italy this summer though, was not going to let this stop me.

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