D Minus 2 – Travel Day

So today was my last day at work as well as a travel day to Edmonton, we where able to leave a little early and managed to get to the AirBnB a little earlier as well even going via the Apple store to pick up my Air Pods, my treat for going through what I am about to go through.

It was pretty emotional driving away from the office as I will not be back there for at least 6 weeks, so many projects left hanging, but we have a good team and I am sure all will be good.

We decided to have a treat dinner tonight and went to Chianti’s for dinner, a nice Italian restaurant on Whyte Ave, we have been a few times and have always had a good meal, they even had non-alcoholic beer which I was very surprised at being so good, never thought I would be doing that, but I guess that is going to my life for a while.

As we left the house it everything became real for Jenn, she has been, as usual, my rock and we have to be there for each other over the next few weeks as it will be has hard for her, in a different way, as it is for me.

So there we go, getting closer to the main event, tomorrow there will be a pre-op update as we get more details of the surgery.

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