D Minus 1 – Pre Clinic

So today was all about the pre-clinic, a time to meet lots of people and lots of new information to take in.

We arrived a little early and struggled to find the place we needed to go, but eventually found the registration desk where we gave info and was given a restaurant like coaster they give you when they are full.

Eventually it flashed and we went to the clinic where the barrage of info started.

First in the anesthesiologist, not one I will have, but a good chatty guys who explained everything that would happen are part of his team tomorrow. He reassured me about the breathing tube and said it would be a none issue. He also explained what will happen when I arrive in the that I will be given a sedative, basically what I am on now for sleeping, but double…yay.

Next up respiratory therapist as they need to check my lung capacity and they then can they see how I am doing afterwards, well he was socked as basically I have a 120% lung capacity, go figure, guess it explains the loud sneezing.

The the nurse came in, who was amazing, she made us totally at ease, showed us a video, and basically reviewed all my info and totally explained what will happen and where we need to me and when.

We then met Dr. Lam she is the chief resident in the cardiac unit who went through the surgery bit and explained what they would be doing with various arteries and leg veins where they would be attached etc. Looks like a triple will be gong on, although she did say that does it always happen due to what it is like when they get in there.

She was very good at explaining the risks and it seems I have .9% change of not making it, pretty good odds I say, she also talked about resuscitation and if I wanted it, that was a no brainer, also would I want bloods products, another no brainer, I also used to be a blood donor until they imposed restrictions on who, and because i lived in the UK between 1980 and 1986, so they think I may have mad cow.

Nurse was now back with more info before we headed off to have some blood work done and head back to meet Dr Moon my heart surgeon.

Dr. Moon was great, basically saying that his job was to get me back to what I was doing before this all went down. He said if you goal is to run 10k, then there was no reason why I could not, travel, back to work etc. He was saying in 4 weeks if I want to start to get faster on the treadmill, then go for it. Just see this as a fix to improve quality of life and extend my life.

Next the nurse brought in a selection of chest binders, these help stabilize my chest to allow the sternum to heal, started off with a small, but I needed a medium.

All done, we decided we needed to find out where we needed to go tomorrow, eventually found it after a wander around the hospital.

By the time all this we where starving so we came back to our suite and then headed out to O’Byrnes for a beer and a snack, non alcoholic for me.

So tomorrow is the big day, BUT they did say it could be postponed and considering Dr Moon is on call tonight, we are crossing everything.

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