D Minus 6

Only 6 days to go before my bypass surgery, I am not even sure how many I am getting, I think 3.

I am pretty much at the point now where I want it to be done so I can start recovery and adjusting to my new lifestyle, of which I am not even sure of myself yet, well at least I am starting to eat healthier than we where, although we have been doing pretty well over the past few years.

One of the worst things to do when having this type of surgery is to go online and read about it, the reason being is, in addition to finding out the good stuff, you come across lots of bad stuff as people tend to only post negative online, well for the most part. So my advice to anyone out there about to go through this, resist the temptation to “research” just trust the info given to you by the hospital.

So tomorrow how all this came about, just wanted to at least get a post up on the final week before the big event.

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  1. This is a good way of sharing so friends and family don’t do the should “Oh should I ask or not thing “ and it keeps everyone informed so you don’t feel guilty not responding to all your media tweets, messages etc

    It’s going to be hard to read as I cannot be with you during this massive “adventure “ as Dave said think of all those nurses (sorry Jenn) but I know you will have some great banter with them like dad did ❤️

    No adventure is totally easy, this one is going to have its ups and downs and most likely this is going to be ayiur biggest challenge ever, but you are lucky, you didn’t ignore the signs and I am so so relieved you didn’t.

    Be the strong big brother you have always been and work you way through this day by day.

    Dad is your guardian angel and he willl Be with you making sure the surgeons get it perfect, you will return to full health and live a long , healthy and extremely happy life.

    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

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