So Close

We have just done the last of the shopping for India, some flip flops for use in the shower at hotels etc. We also opted to get the antibiotics for Delhi belly, just in case, this was something we talked about when we went to the healthy unit for our tetanus shots, it is a self diagnosed prescription for the just in case.

We also made a flight change due to changes Air Canada made last year after we had booked our flights and allowed lots of layovers. So now we leave on the Friday evening thus allowing a night in Calgary with a 11:15am flight to Toronto, the one hour layover in Calgary was a risk and the fact that the flight we had been put on was always late, it was a risk we did not want to take.

We have been playing around with a few different live streaming services and it is looking like periscope will be the one we will use, this will allow is to tweet the link and it will also show up in Facebook and within the Periscope eco-system. How many people will view our live events? We really don’t know as there is a 12 hour time difference between Canada and India, so when it it is morning there it is evening here… we suppoed the sunrise trips will get viewed.

We can now see the 14 day forecast for Delhi, looks a little colder than the same date last year, not cold as in Grande Prairie.

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