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A few years ago I made a decision to remove everyone from facebook that was not a family member.

Since Jenn and I announced we planned to go to India next February and number of my friends have expressed and interest in knowing more of our adventure and therefore I will be opening up my Facebook once again to friends who want to follow our journey.

Aside from my Blog, we plan to post on Facebook as we prep for and go on this trip. We are planning to do some fun things for family and friends such a using Facebook live to broadcast from exciting places such as the Taj mahal and sunrise boat trip on the Ganges.

Now that summer vacations are done we are really starting to thing about the trip, there are passports to be renewed, visas to be obtained, medical interviews to be had, a whole bunch of different things. So the blog posts will start rolling more and more as we move into fall.

We booked the trip at the end of May and the next Blog post will be about why we picked the tour we did and when we booked a level above economy for the flight to Delhi.


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