India Why?

This is the first of a number of posts on the preparation, and eventually trip to India somewhere Jenn and I have talked about going to over the past few years and has been on my bucket list for many years.

So why India? Why now? Why would anyone want to go here?

“All Aboard”

Seems a bit of a crazy place with 1.2 billion people on a land mass smaller than Canada, to put things into perspective Canada has 253,054 square meters per capita whereby India has 2,375, holy cow… haha!! So we are off to here around next February.


We have yet to decided on our tour, but have narrowed it down to two, a future blog post will reveal the tour we plan to do.

But back to why as there are so many reasons not to go to India as there are to go and often the are just opposites, so here we go some reasons to not and go and to go.


Last Christmas we took Owen to Disneyland which is pretty much one of their busiest times of the year the crowds on Christmas Day on Main Street Disneyland was just crazy, wall to wall people, it was that busy that at one point I had to say to Jenn, “do I need to slap you?” I admit it was nuts yet it also had this excitement about it, all these people on Christmas Day instead of sat under the tree opening presents where all trying to get to a fastpass machine or make it on to HyperSpace Mountain before the 4 hour wait started. (I am correct, Space Mountain has been renamed).

India will be more so and all the time as people go about their daily lives with many of them scrapping by a living working 12 to 18 hour days. Whereby at Disney most of us chose to be there, I am sure Owen would have chosen somewhere else, in India these people have no choice, it’s where they live and work and play, so many people in such a small area. Although there are so many people from what I have read they are polite as crowds are just part of life.

India Crowds – A way of life.


From what I have read one of the biggest things, aside from the crowds, that people notice is the smell. Well all those people once would expect there to be smell, everyone from raw sewage to a garbage dump to burning fires, but everyone says be prepared as it will ve overwhelming.

So why would one wish to put oneself through that? Well experience right, I think this is just part of traveling. We hope to travel to many different places and all of them will not smell like fresh-cut grass or the smell of a light rain on a summer’s day.


This would be the biggest reason for Why, India is such an interesting country culturally, from the people, food, landscape and buildings India is just jam-packed with culture. Why not go yo somewhere that has so much in such a small space. We plan on hitting the highlights as we don’t have long, but a friend of mine went for longer something I wish we could have done.

So just some reason why we plan on making the trek to a place half way around the world from Grande Prairie, a place that is starting to be a force in the economic world.

So stay with us over the next 10 months as we plan our trip, maybe what we share will inspire you to travel, to experience another country, another culture, another way of life.


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