25 Minute Recovery….

… more like an 8 hour recovery after not going to bed until 3:30am… ack

Jenn and I are on different training plans for our 10k run in September and so today’s run was for me just a 25 minute recovery run done at an easy pace, around 11:00. For Jenn her run was longer so we planned to run together and for me to continue on once she reached her first rest break after 10mins.

Plan was to get up before it got hot, 11am and get our runs in the problem was we had some friends over last night and we sat in the hot tub drinking wine until 3am and by the time we got to bed it was after 3:30am. oops

So we did get up for the 11am run, at 11am but needed some food to get going and by the time we got to the run start the temperature was creeping up which for me was a little rough and for Jenn, well as I write this I have no idea how she is doing, I suspect pretty hard for her right now.

Being a new runner I have to learn how to run and pace is one of the things I have been struggling with along with keeping my cadence steady, today I played with that a little and was able to settle down my cadence as well as keep my pace more in check. If you check out my run here and look you can see where I started to figure some things out on my run.


If you look you will see how I at around the 15 minute point my cadence really started to settle down this was be making shorter quicker more controlled steps and the pace sort of settled a little, but I am sure that will come in time and plan to add some extra runs in between training runs to work on my form.

Watch still doing well, I have removed a downloaded data screen and just used the default screen, I will spend sometime over the next few days setting up some custom screens.


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