New Watch

Got the new watch on Monday, Garmin Fenix 3, got it setup, downloaded some watch faces and waited for Tuesday after work so I could run, Jenn already had dibs on the Tuesday morning, anyhow off I went and had a really good run.

Next was an interval run on Thursday morning, this did not go as well as I had been playing around with the data screens and had a scrolling multiple data screens which created a major distraction to the matter in hand, that being keep a pace of around 8:30. I will add it was freezing cold and a huge hole on the sidewalk that was caused by construction work on the new school.

So what did I learn from my watch this week? Well, it is a real good motivator and if you are going to mess around with settings make sure it is not anytime around a training run.

Next run is Sunday, but I plan to use it at the gym on Saturday when I do strength training.

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