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It has been a very long while since I’ve written.  I was injured with hamstring tendinitis for 3 months, then I picked up bronchitis that lasted two months. To top if off, I was traveling for work very frequently.  What I’m saying here is that I fell off the running wagon. It’s not to say I didn’t think about running every single day.

I ran once while I was in Vancouver, but stuck to the fitness room for whatever crazy reason! It was awful. Floor to ceiling windows, basically a sunroom! It was sweltering!


There was an air conditioner unit, but it was not working:

But, I’m all better now.  The leg is healed, the bronchitis is gone, and I’m no longer traveling so frequently for work.

I am back at it, full on! Even better, my husband, Derek, started running. He keeps me accountable and…

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Why I don’t run. Ever.

Although the opposite of what I like, running, I found this pretty funny.

Calling Through The Fog

chariotsIt was my first time in a cinema and I was agog.

People dipped discreetly into boxes of chocolate-covered nuts. There were carpets on the walls. An entire seat just for me. And not the usual rubbish designed for children, made of Marmite-proof, Oros-repellent plastic: this one was upholstered in the kind of plush, red velvet you can only dream of when you’re six. Best of all, we’d come to see Chariots Of Fire, a film about two of my favourite things at the time: chariots and fire.

When we opened on a beach in Scotland, with no sign of burning two-wheelers, I was disappointed. But only for a moment. Soon I was bewitched by the iconic theme, clean as endorphins pulsing through a brain; hypnotised by the white-clad figures skipping through the St Andrews surf.

One of them seemed to be overcome with some sort of rapture, throwing…

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