First Time With Trainer

Well the first session with my trainer was a tough one, very tough, legs wobbly, was a touch time but felt good. Four circuits with exercises such as, ball squats, 15, Push-Ups, 12 and on and on with 20jumping jacks between each exercise and doing each set 4 times. Have to say on the last Push-Ups I could not do a full had to go on my knees, so that has now become a goal.

After one visit with my trainer was it worth it? Without a doubt yes, am I looking forward to the next one, yes. What I am not looking forward is though first few on my own as I find my gym routine, you go to these gyms and you see these buff people that just seem to know what they are doing. I am sure once I figure out the machines I will be fine and really what am I aiming for?

  •  Stats for this blog.
  • Weight 218.8
  • Body Fat 29.3%

So I am 18.8lbs away from my weight goal, but this plan is not just a route to lose weight, my main goal is to get fit and believe that the weight will follow as natural result, but it is nice to see the weight coming off.

I will not post charts very often, but as I am just starting here is a graph of where I have come from since the beginning of March.


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