How Fast Can You Run a Mile?

Well last night Jenn and I hit the gym to talk to a trainer and get an assessment done, did not start well as I could not find my shoes at home, turns out I had left them there last night, silly me. Even the owner of the gym, Amanda, had noticed and was wondering who had left them, then I as left she reminded me not to forget them or my water bottle, I do believe I am going to enjoy going to this gym.

So back to our trainer, Tanner, she was great, met us right off the bat and got us into her little tiny office to get some info from us, the usual health and goal things. She also took measurements and weight, sigh. The off to the gym area to put us through our paces.

First up me, get on the treadmill and basically see how fast you can do a mile without killing yourself, first half was fine could still talk but then got a little harder and had to slow down the pace somewhat to my usual fast walk, which I did for the rest of the mile, Tanner seemed to think I did well and it did actually feel good, Jenn was up next, but as this blog is about me then all I will say is she was faster than me πŸ˜‰

Off to the classroom for some lunges, squats etc. so she could see what our range was, happy to say that the timed wall sit I did the same as Jenn, I know I said the blog was about me but just had to say that πŸ˜‰

So the plan for me will be ready next Tuesday at 5:30pm where Tanner will go over the program and get me going, I then plan to meet with her every two weeks to get updates and motivation, something I need as it is very easy for me to make an excuse not to exercise by having someone checking in on me then I will go. Mind you the payment of money helps as well.

So that there we have it, just waiting for my plan next week and in the meantime plan to hit the gym a few times between now and next Tuesday and I will be reporting back as to how I feel and what I did with my goal o write a blog post after every trip to the gym as I am sure there will be some good moments as well as some lows.


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