The Turnaround

So Jenn and I joined a gym, this was more me wanting a personal trainer so a gym would go hand in hand and as it happened a new gym opened nearby that is open 24 hours a day, Anytime Fitness.

We joined on Saturday, signed on the dotted line and got our key fobs, being opening 24/7 allows really Anytime access means I could be the only one there at 1am!

We went last night for the first time, I spent an hour on the treadmill, which is actually longer than I normally do at home, listened to a Podcast that I have been meaning to listen to, time went by, but this was more a “we have a membership we need to use it” visit.

Tonight, Tuesday March 24, both Jenn and I will be getting a fitness assessment, one hour with a trainer to see where you are at and I will be taking that step further and having them build a program for me with my goals being:

  • Weigh 200lbs by at least my 53rd birthday
  • Build back my muscle strength that I used to have and don’t seem to have any longer
  • Lower by blood pressure

If by meeting my goals I feel I could run a 5k then I will sign up for the Fall Classic this fall.

I plan to use my trainer every two weeks to keep me on track and hopefully adjust my program as needed, I don’t really need a diet plan, Jenn and I have started to be pretty good at that, and to be honest I like food and I am not a rabbit, everything in moderation.

So tomorrow I will post on how my fitness assessment went, I know I am not fit at all, this assessment will tell me how bad I really am.


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