The Show is Open


Now that the show is open they can shoot the director.

After nearly 2 years Les Miserables opened last Thursday to rave reviews, instant standing ovations every night since we opened. The amazing cast, crew, orchestra and production team have created a show of incredible proportions.

The vision of this show was keep it simple, music is the focus and although the set is amazing and fills the whole stage it does not detract from that vision.

Each night I am mesmerized by the talent we have in Grande Prairie that is assembled before me and I am not the only one, strong postive critics have come from everyone, good friends Don and Kathy Harper who came all the way from the island raved. There is a buzz in Grande Prairie about this show.

Some of the simple things have had the greatest notice, the ghosts of the dead students with candles upstage during Marius  very emotional song, the interactions of the crowd in Master of the House.

So in to the the middle weekend we head with Saturday just about sold out and Friday getting there, may have luck for the Sunday matinee, but if people want next weekend then they better be quick as they will be gone in a hurry.

Thanks to everyone single person involved in bringing this amazing show to a stage in Grande Prairie.

You can pick up your tickets here

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