Windows 9 oh Sorry I Mean 10

Tomorrow, January 21st, Microsoft will be holding an “event” in which they will be showing us what the new Windows 10 will look like, it is also expected that they will show the Windows 10 for Phones, they touting the event as “The Next Chapter”, guess we shall see.

I have been running Windows 10 Technical Preview on my Surface Pro 3 since before Christmas, this a is preview of the software and you have to live with the bugs that come with it. I had installed the technical preview when it first came out in the fall, but within  two days removed it and went back to 8.1, since then there have been a number of builds and even since my install before Christmas there has been a new build. There will all likelihood be another build after tomorrow’s event.

So what do I think of Windows 10? Well I am on the fence right now, despite the bad publicity on Windows 8 and 8.1 I found them both just great, one has to remember also that the .1 was a huge service pack that changed many things, even then people complained, so as of right now I think my 8.1 install was better than Window 10.

I feel with 8.1 they, Microsoft, knew what they wanted with the “tiled” start menu and once you learnt a few simple tricks you could easily find anything you want and have a very custom star menu, much better than Windows 7 ever offered. With Windows 10 Microsoft seems to be trying to appease the negative people, then ones who just could not except that things do change at Microsoft and Windows 8 was new, just like when OS X came out, wow it was different, but did the Mac people complain, sure they did, but there are so few of them you would have hardly noticed.

So will tomorrow bring something different to the Windows 10 I am using? I hope so, otherwise I can see Windows 10 being the last of the Windows OS as people start to look at alternatives, for sure that will take a along time, but it will happen, already is. Chromebooks are starting to really gain traction on the Education field and once people who are not interested in installing and maintaining a systems see them, they may well take off in the real world.

Stay tuned…

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