New Year take one… or is that take two??

Working in the school systems allows something pretty unique when it comes to New Year, there are two of them.

Often when September roles around I reflect on how I did on my calendar New Year resolutions and if I have not done very well it allows me to give myself a kick in the proverbial pants. Even this year though my resolutions where a fail, lose weight, read more etc.

So what to do…

First off my resolutions, some people make their resolutions personal, I on the other had feel other people can help you keep on task, so for the year of The Sheep, 2015 I hope to;

  • Weigh 200lbs by July 30
  • Read 2 books a month
  • Let is go
  • Smile more
  • Listen to more Music

Pretty simple really, I really need to lose weight, when I do it I love to read, I need to have less stress in my life, smiling more will help with the wrinkles and music always sooths the soul.

How well will I do, who knows but one has to try at least twice a year.

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