School Concert

As we enter the end of the school year and some end of year concerts it is interesting to a see perspective from another country.


The elementary school across the street had their end of year concert last night.  The concert was actually supposed to take place a week ago however it was cancelled due to a man being stabbed behind the school who subsequently died.  I guess that would make it a murder.  Yep there was a murder across the street so the concert was cancelled as the school (and no doubt the Polis) were concerned that there would be retaliation (as the two boys charged were Kurdish not Turkish).

I have never really experienced any discrimination in my life.  Women have always had rights and there was never really any racial slurring while I was growing up so for me witnessing the anger and blame being placed firmly on a group of people is a new and honestly, slightly terrifying, experience.  The history between the Turkish people and the Kurdish is lengthy…

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To Recline, Or Not To Recline: That Is The Question

I love the comment, “Also, I’ve come to realize that most people are not aware enough of their surroundings to realize that their actions really do affect others” so try in many places other than planes. Take 1am in the morning!

Ever The Wayfarer

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Okay, so maybe Shakespeare, or Bacon, or whoever else might have written those iambic pentametric verses filled with some of the best insults EVER, was never really concerned with the social acceptability of reclining in one’s airplane seat, but I’m taking the Baz Luhrmann approach to the classics. 

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